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AngelinaPosted at 2016-08-06 12:00:42(80 wks ago)

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First to know is there are 3 types of trackers.
1. is Public
2. is Private
3. is fake/inflated

Now what is the difference with the 3 and why are some trackers blocked on torrent sites?

1. Public trackers

Well first off about the Public trackers, they are used by anyone without registration from any Private site. That means you don't have to register then download and link your profile account to the torrent. This is a free for all and open, plain as that. The most popular are OpenBitTorrent, PublicBitTorrent and istole.it. To be safer, Magnet links are in place of downloading next to the download torrent icon.

Some of the differences between a private tracker versus a public one are: Feeling more anonymous, Not having to keep a ratio so there are alot of hit and runs, Upload and download as you like and freely, Public trackers log no activity.
“If you can manage to download a torrent without an invite, it’s public”.

2. Private trackers

A Private Tracker restricts use and you have to download and register on a private tracker site and if you are not familiar with Private sites or on any where you plan to upload then stick to public trackers. There are great Private sites but hard to get into unless you are invited by a member.

Some of the differences between a private tracker versus a public one are: higher speeds, a tighter community, mandatory ratio upload and safer downloads.

3. Fake/Inflated trackers

It is what the title says. They are used by fakers and scammers to make members assume they are well seeded and downloaded but they are not. They usually are as dead as a nail. How do they do this? Well, they use crap programs to fluctuate the seed count while creating a spoof tracker, that is why these types of trackers is banned on sites. No need to get into that, but getting caught doing this can get you banned for sure.

Multi-tracker torrents

This is usually a 15 max. This is because if 1 tracker goes down and fails, then the other trackers will maintain the swarm and so on. Why members upload with more then 15 is not a smart choice. Because One problem to this is that it becomes possible to have multiple unconnected swarms for a single torrent where some users can connect to one specific tracker while being unable to connect to another. This can create a disjoint set which can impede the efficiency of a torrent to transfer the files it describes. quoted source Wiki here This is why if you have more then 15 on a single torrent, you may be asked to remove and re-upload OR it will be deleted by staff due to your errors.

(Basic terms seeders/leechers/swarm)

This applies to both public trackers, and private trackers alike.
The most important and basic terms to understand are:

1. Seeders: Those who are uploading (sending information/data)

2. Leechers: Those who are downloading (receiving information/data)

3. Swarm: The place where seeders and leechers gather to exchange data/information..Source for definition code here

Good Tracker Results:

1. Copy the tracker and paste it into the browser. If it comes back on open sites and valid results from Verified Uploaders then its good to go and legit. Here are examples of good tracker results.

* And another..

* Another one..

* Another one..

Bad Trackers Results:

2. If you copy and paste into the browser and get an invalid response or unknown or whatever, then it is most likely a fake/Invalid or spoof tracker.
No webpage or result is a sign of a bad tracker:

*This is a real spoofed/fake tracker: "the scrape.php"

*This is same as above image, no browser source info, and spoof tracker/fake.

*Another real Spoofed/fake tracker:

*This has results when searched in Google but all sources on this page are fake. This is a bad tracker.

--and many many thanks to the original creator of this thread

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superiorSiliconPosted at 2017-03-11 16:12:33(49 wks ago)

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Very Useful Knowledge! :wink

zeke23Posted at 2017-08-22 10:25:26(25 wks ago)
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Always watch your tracker and replace them when needed

ChelseaPosted at 2018-02-19 09:11:45(4 hrs ago)
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